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www.VietWOW.com is the Online Yellow Pages, created to help all Vietnamese people in the US and over the world with the following:

- You NEED Technicians/Experts (NEED A PRO).

- A Technicians/Experts NEED you (NEED A JOB).

- You NEED to Sell (NEED TO SELL).

- You NEED to Buy (NEED TO BUY).

 VietWOW.com is the ONLY WEBSITE that brings together ALL COMMERCIAL & INDIVIDUAL ESTABLISHMENT doing business in the US. And in the future we will integrate all other commercial & individual establishments in Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Vietnam, ... to create a Vibrant BUSINESS WORLD WORLDWIDE at VietWOW.com.


In addition, VIETWOW, INC. We also serve the following:

1. Find Nail Technicians for Nail Salons over 50 States.

2. Find Buyers & Sellers for Nail Salons over 50 states.

3. Books making for individuals & organizations: Designing, printing, Ghostwriting for customers all over the World.

4. Advertising services: Website Design, Brochure, Poster, Postcard, Menu, Online/Email/SMS Marketing,.... for customers over the World.

5. Call Center Telemarketing.


For More Details, Please Contact:


2625 W. Pioneer Pkwy., Ste. 802,

Grand Prairie, TX 75051.

- In the US: (972) 989-2244

- In Vietnam: 0983-151-434

Email: info@vietwow.com 

Website: www.vietwow.com 

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